The ALLROUNDER Balancing Supplement For Cats


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If you want a healthier cat, you’ll feed fresh food. bestie + fresh meat protein makes a complete and balanced meal – and boosts health.  

Meat is great, but it doesn’t give cats all they need. bestie’s 22 super-nutritious whole foods add the missing elements to make a complete and balanced fresh meal.

bestie also boosts gut, immune and joint health, because it adds more than the ‘complete and balanced’ minimum.

  • Antioxidants, in particular vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotenes, and phytonutrients, from kakadu plum, kale, wheatgrass and others. Antioxidants are particularly helpful in reducing inflammation and immune system health.
  • Chondroitin, glucosamine and omegas – important for good joint and general health.
  • Pre- and probiotics – important for good gut health.
  • Apple cider vinegar and cranberry to support urinary tract health
  • And especially for cats, sea kelp for arachidonic acid, cricket protein for taurine, and nutritional yeast for thiamine

Mix with fresh protein, for a meal in seconds.

  • 100% human food-grade ingredients
  • Animal Nutritionist Formulated
  • 5 gram scoop inside
  • Supplementary food for cats
  • Shelf stable when stored at 25C or less, if used infrequently or in a humid environment, refrigerate
  • See below for serves per pack guidance

A note re sample packs: 

  • Sample packs are 70grams each. That is enough for about 14 meals, for an average, 5kg cat.  
  • A cautionary note about sample packs. It can take persistence transitioning a cat from dry biscuits or tinned food, because they're typically high in artificial taste enhancers and kind of as addictive as eating chips are for us! Often, a transition period longer than a week (the period a sample pack will last) is needed. Our guide to a transition plan is here. We'll also pop one in with your order.