Sports Muscle Stimulation and Pain Relief Monitor


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This powerful piece of sports equipment sends electrical pulses (TENS) directly to your muscles to stimulate them and relieve muscle pain. Simply select the desired body area and muscle for treatment and apply the electrode pads. Set to one of forty-five program settings and let the sports muscle stimulation and pain relief monitor do the rest.

The electrical pulses are as effective as any gym routine and a great piece of equipment to use if you are injured and can’t lift weights, train or are in a location without a gym. It is also great for strengthening weakened muscle areas and relieving muscle tension and pain.

Select from a range of intensity and frequency of electrical currents, get your muscles stimulating, pulsing and moving, toning them and relieving tight muscle tension and pain.


8 high quality EMS pads

Instruction Manual

Carry Case

2 9v alkaline batteries

Targeted muscle tone

Zero impact

Relieve muscle tension and pain

AC and DC power options

ARTG Number - 286799


1 x Sports Muscle Stimulation and Pain Relief Monitor