Neat Feat Wellness Self Moulding Insole Medium


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The Neat Feat Diabetic Self Molding Insole has been specifically designed for people suffering from diabetes, arthritis or any skin disorder that requires your feet to remain friction free. Provides better pressure distribution. Soft tissue arch support. Cushions and protects the entire planter surface. Insulates against cold hardwalking surfaces. Reduces the force of impact and supports the arch. Deep heel cups gives stability and support. Provides maximum foot protection without taking up needed space in shoe. Plastazote is widely recommended for people with diabetes, arthritis or any other skin disorder that requires your foot to be friction free. Wide Variety of Applications: These insoles are ideal for a wide variety of normal and special medical applications: Excellent for all normal activities - working, walking, hiking, standing and sports. Ideal for people with diabetes, arthritis or any skin disorder that requires your foot to remain friction free. Excellent value for premium cushioning and support without the time and expense of custom orthotics. New & Improved Plastazote Plus Surface; Specially Designed To Improve Foot Posture And Relieve Stress On Your Ankles, Knees, Hip & Lower Back; Excellent For All Normal Activities - Working, Walking, Hiking, Standing, Sports. Features - Better Pressure Distribution; Soft Tissue Arch Support; Cushions & Protects Entire Plantar Surface; Insulating Against Cold, Hard Walking Surfaces; Reduces The Force Impact, Supports The Arch; Deep Heel Cup Gives Stability & Support; Provides Maximum Foot Protection Without Taking Up Needed Space In The Shoe.