Neat Feat Spandex Metatarsal Pad Sleeve


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Spandex Gel Metatarsal Cushion Pads are a comfortable thin, elastic, breathable stretch poly fitted sleeve with an imbedded soft Gel Metatarsal Pad to cushion the balls of your feet and give you relief all day long from calluses, Morton's Neuroma, rheumatism, and other forefoot discomfort. Spandex Gel Metatarsal Cushion Pads can be worn however you wish; inside of shoes, barefoot, undersocks or with sandals. Gently slides over your forefoot and anchors with your toe so the metatarsal fitted gel pad stays aligned properly under the ball of your foot. Attractive nude colour for fashion. Thin design can be worn in any shoe. Durable reusable, handwash in warm water, rinse well, airdry. Not recommended if you have diabetes or poor circulation. comes as a two cushion pair (one for each foot). Even includes a mesh carrying bag so you have them with you at all times and they won't get lost; very discreet very thoughtful.