Kunzea Honey


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Organically harvested from bees foraging in the remote wilderness of Flinders Island. It’s a deliciously sweet, nutritional Kunzea Honey.

Australian Made OwnedNo Artificial NastiesCruelty-Free and No Animal Testing

Product Description

Zea Gourmet Kunzea Honey is organically harvested from happy bees foraging in the remote and pristine wilderness of Flinders Island. A highly nutritional honey, it has a complex flavour profile and unique texture that has to be experienced.

100% raw, cold-extracted and unprocessed, the natural goodness of raw honey has been preserved for your enjoyment.

Benefits of Kunzea Honey

✓ 100% Raw Tasmanian Honey

✓ Organic and GMO-Free

✓ Independently Tested

✓ For Health and Wellbeing

✓ Fully-Traceable

✓ Natural Medicinal Properties

✓ Unfiltered and Unprocessed

...and most importantly, delicious!

Serving Suggestions

Here are some suggestions on how you can enjoy Kunzea Honey:

  • Add it to your tea or coffee as a healthier sweetener
  • Spread it on your toast or crumpets
  • Add it to your porridge or cereal
  • Addition to cheese and antipasto platters
  • Stir into your drinks or cooking as a sugar alternative
  • Take it directly to soothe your throat
  • Take it directly for general health and wellbeing


  • Apply topically to burns, wounds and skin conditions
  • DIY face mask for supporting tissue rebuilding and repair

If honey crystalises or becomes too thick, liquify by standing jar in hot water for 15 minutes. This is a natural process and attributes to pure, raw unprocessed honey.


100% raw Tasmanian Kunzea Honey


    • Do not heat honey above 40°C
    • Not for infants under 1 year of age
    • Do not use if you are allergic to bee stings, honey or bee-related products
    • Store away from direct sunlight

    Please note, due to Quarantine restrictions Tasmanian Honey is not available to be sent to Western Australia, Kangaroo Island or New Zealand.