Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Senior Sex - Video


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Thank you to Jessica Drake and Joan Price the world now has access to quality, and tasteful, sex-education for older persons. This documentary is a beautiful depiction of just how good sexual relationships can become as we get older. With the cast depicting real, everyday people that most will relate to, Joan Price provides insightful and authentic commentary about intimacy. Hear Joan's mantra on what to say to a GP who blames age as the one factor interfering with your ability to enjoy sex! Intimacy has no expiration date! No, sex after 60, 70, and beyond isn't the same as younger age sex but in some ways it's even better! With the right information, and open attitude, and a spirit of adventure, older-age sexuality can be hotter and more satisfying than you even imagined. Senior sex author and educator Joan Price teams up with Jessica Drake to bring you practical tips for increasing your sexual pleasure through the decades ahead, plus explicit demonstrations by a cast of sexy seniors. Enjoy sizzling sex lifelong! **Please note: this film contains explicit, intimate scenes between the couples and is intended to demonstrate communication skills and real life people with chronic illness. The explicit scenes can be skipped easily via the DVD menu.