Hospital Slide Sheet By Etac


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The nylon Multi-glide hospital slide sheets make it easier for the caring staff to turn and position patients in bed, especially with heavier patients. The low friction fabric permits easy sliding and allows free movement so reducing the risk of damaging the patient’s skin or of irritating pressure areas.

Two slide sheets can be joined together with the snap buttons in the corners to facilitate the insertion of a lifting sling. Particularly useful for heavy patients, for those who require frequent lifting with the sling, or for those who cannot be rolled over.

The two sheets have handles along the sides to hold them firmly together, and a folding technique allows them to slide into position under the patient. The sling can then be easily slid between the two layers and the top sheet removed before attaching the sling to the hoist.


Available Size: Large, Regular

Large size: 120 x 150 cm

Regular size: 80 x 170 cm

Suitable for users up to 300 kg.


1 x Hospital Slide Sheet By Etac

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