Animal Livestock Himalayan Pink Salt Lick Rock | With Hanging Rope

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Horses and Livestock need free access to essential minerals for health and wellbeing. This Lick Salt Block gives animals the nutrition they need for balance, vitality and life.

Animals with access to salt all year round are healthier and cope with feed, seasonal and reproductive changes better. Animals can't devour salt blocks quickly due to the rock formation. Instead they will have a slow intake of essential micro minerals, as they lick the block, which are easily metabolised and absorbed into their body system.

Our Salt Blocks are a completely natural product made from 100% Pink Himalayan Pure Salt. They are the world’s cleanest source of raw, pure natural salt.

  • Weight is approximately between 2.5Kgs to 3Kgs depending on the cut of the rock.
  • The Lick Salt Block comes with a strong rope for hanging anywhere you like.
  • Trust your animal’s instinct
  • Free choice, they “lick it as they need it”
  • Natural electrolytes for Balance
  • Chemical free, no sweeteners
  • Encourages Water Intake
  • Durable and Rain Tolerant
  • Easy to hang, easy to handle

Himalayan Salt Explained

This unique product is from the earth in its natural state. Formed over 250 million years ago and derived from the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges, it is best described as ancient unpolluted seawater that became bound in mountains millions of years ago and crystallised over time.

It contains 84 natural minerals and trace elements that are identical to those in the human body. There is no other food product or supplement, which contains this quality or quantity of minerals and trace elements.

Colloidal minerals and trace elements in this crystalline form are easier for humans and animals to digest, absorb and metabolise. We describe it as “Living Salt”. Just add moisture to it and the energy within the salt is revived and released.