Forceps Mosquito Straight


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These stainless steel, straight-tipped forceps feature ring handles for easy operation, similar to scissors. Easy to grip and simple to operate, Straight Mosquito Forceps have been a life-saving tool in the hands of surgeons for decades, a tried-and-true hemostatic device. The jaws of these forceps have fine serrations to improve its grip on tissues on many types, including skin, muscle, and blood vessels.

Hemostat jaws lock firmly in place, with multiple positions possible to provide a custom grip during precision operations. While not appropriate for clamping large blood vessels or arteries, this instrument is essential for controlling bleeding from small vessels during a wide variety of surgical procedures. Stainless steel ensures these forceps are reliable instruments that will provide both delicate and strong function in critical surgical moments.


Available Style: Theatre, Superior, Superior Theatre


1 x Forceps Mosquito Straight

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