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The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is used to measure your body's oxygen saturation level. This handy little device can accurately measure your oxygen level as a percentage and heart rate bpm simply by placing your fingertip into its sensor. 

It can also be programmed to alarm at certain readings.

Please note: the sensor will not work if you are wearing nail polish. In this case turn your finger to the side when placing it in the oximeter.

We have been getting a lot of questions about wether this is an Australian Made product. For clarification, this Oximeter is made by AlVital, a Leadtek owner company based in Taipei, Taiwan. EasyCare have been purchasing these Oximeters directly from the manufacturer since 2016.



Pulse Oximetry

Range: 0% to 100%

Accuracy: 70% to 100% range: ±2%

Method: Dual wavelength LED

Resolution: 1%

Heart (Pulse) Rate

Range:30 to 250bpm

Resolution: 1bpm

Accuracy: ±1bpm or ±2%, whichever is greater

Input & Output

Auto on/off: Whenever user inserts a finger, the device will turn on automatically. Vise verso, the device will turn off automatically, when the finger is removed from it.

LCD display: Full Color OLED

Input Key: A 5-directional key for interface operation

Alarm settings:

  • Low SpO2 alarm: setting range 50%~ 95%;
  • High SpO2 alarm: setting range 80%~ 100%;
  • Low heart rate alarm: setting range 30BPM ~ 110BPM;
  • High heart rate alarm: setting range 75BPM ~ 250BPM


Weight without batteries: < 26g (0,92 ounces)

Size: L 67.5 mm (2.63”) x W 38mm (1.48”) x H 25mm (0.98”) 

Battery Type: 1 AAA Alkaline battery

Usage life: >24 hrs typical operation

Standard Package Dimension: 75mm (L) x 60mm (W) x 35mm (H);

Package Content: User manual X 1, AAA battery X 1, and micro USB cable X 1 (for AT101 A only)


Operating Temperature: 5º to 40º C;

Storage Temperature: F -30º to 70º C

Operating & Storage Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing

Operating & Storage Atmospheric Pressure:700 hPa ~ 1013 hPa


Degree of Protection: Type BF Applied part

Ingress Protection: IPX2

Mode of operation: Continuous use IEC60601-1

Safety: IEC60601-1-2

EMC: ISO80601-2-61 




No NDIS funding exists for this product


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