Etac Socky Stocking Aid, Long


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To reach down to the feet can be distressing when pain restricts the mobility or fine motor skills are reduced. These problems can be complex and one model may not be appropriate for everyone. 

The Etac socky long is the ideal solution when hand strength and mobility is restricted or you need to reduce the friction between the sock and floor/carpet. 

It can be used for short as well as knee long socks and can also be used for tights. 

Socky long consists of a long plastic sheet placed under a pre folded nylon fabric with a handle on top. 

How to use Etac Socky Long - The sock is simply placed around the Socky fabric and pulled to the top. The handle is used to pull Socky long up, while the plastic sheet slides on the floor and ensures that the sock stays in place.

For tights, use two Socky longs connected with Etac Socky linking device.  

Designed in co-operation with users and carers - our Etac range offers the best in design and quality and come with a five year warranty. 



  • Length: 60 cm
  • Weight: 146 g 
  • Material: Fabric: Polyamide Plastic Parts: Polypropylene
  • Design: HM Center

Warranty: 5 Years