Etac Fix Preparation Board


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With poor hand function a two hand grip doubles the strength but leaves no hand for holding. When using a two hand grip or with one hand function only, these devices are indispensable, for cutting, whipping or grating. 

The Etac Fix food preparation board stands firmly on its four friction feet or the enclosed suction feet. 

The jaws hold a bowl, grater or piece of food in place. There is also a small plate with spikes to hold smaller pieces of food. 

This can be removed and also placed with spikes pointing downwards to obtain a flat surface. 

Designed in co-operation with users and carers - the our Etac range offers the best in design and quality and come with a five year warranty.



  • Length - 
  • Weight - 1.3 kg 
  • Material - Polystyrene 
  • Design - Ergonomidesign
  • Care - Dishwasher-safe