Dog Drinking Water Fountain Outdoor AFP Garden Push On Pet Sprinkler Dispenser

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All For Paws, Chill Out Garden Water Fountain, is great whilst your pet runs around outdoors.  The garden fountain can be use anywhere by just plugging it into any garden hose. Your dog will therefore have access to fresh flowing water just by pushing the pedal with its paw. Ideal for the summer season or when dog are left alone in the garden. Suitable for all dog breeds, sizes, and ages.


  • Size (cm) : L 25.0 x W 22.0 x H 8.7
  • Fresh water available at the push of the paw
  • Rubber on the lever so the paw doesn't slide
  • Wide lever so it is suitable to all size dogs
  • Two interchangeable water nozzles to adjust water height
  • Easy-push, not much strength needed to make the water flow
  • Universal plug

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Chill Out Water Fountain by All For Paws