Handmade Porcelain G-Spot Dildo


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We are continuously on the lookout for products that are safe to use, a pleasure to enjoy, and present great value.  We are delighted to include The Dalia from Desirables to our range of pleasure products.

The Dalia is a unique porcelain dildo created by Désirables and was designed to reach the elusive G-Spot. Every piece is handcrafted with love by local potters following the Limoges’ traditions ensuring the highest possible quality.

The one of a kind design of the Dalia is what makes it such a great G-Spot massager, because the shape was created with vaginas in mind! It is easy to handle, lightweight and the matte finish of the porcelain will give you a good grip for pleasurable orgasmic sessions in bed (or wherever you’d like). The Dalia is a dual end dildo, you can use either end to reach your G-Spot and use the rounded tip to assist you during your Kegels exercise session.

Porcelain is a luxurious material and was chosen by the founder of Desirablest for its numerous qualities: 100% body safe, hypoallergenic, non-porous, therm- conductive, easy to wash and sterilize, extremely durable and very resistant in use.

Did you know...?

Porcelain has a very high mechanical strength to pressure, which means you do not need to worry about fragility or breaking it while you are using it. It is however shock sensitive. Therefore, if you drop it on the floor it might break, the same goes for temperature shocks (e.g: from the freezer to hot water). If anything happens to your porcelain products, make sure to contact us. Desirables offer a five (5) year warranty!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lubricant can I use with my Dalia?

Since the DALIA is made of porcelain it can be combine with any type of lubricant, either silicone-based or water-based. We do recommend, however, that you use an organic/vegan one.

Isn't porcelain breakable?

Porcelain is a material with a very high mechanical strength. It is only fragile to shocks, for example, if the temperature changes drastically (freezing to hot) or if it undergoes a physical shock (dropping it on the floor).

Can I warm or cool my Dalia?

Yes! Porcelain is thermo conductive, so it is very easy to warm or cool it. And it's actually a great idea to use differences in temperature in order to be a bit more creative in the bedroom.

As previously mentioned, porcelain is a material with high mechanical strength, it can however break under thermal shock. But you can warm or cool your DALIA if you want to jazz things up a bit. (Just make sure to test the temperature before using it.)

For a cooler sensation, you can put your product in the refrigerator or under cold water.
For a warmer sensation, you can put your product in hot water or warm it in your hands.


*Do not put your product in the freezer, in boiling water, in the microwave oven, on the elements of a stove, in the oven or over a flame.