Bioglan Vitamin D3 250s

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What is Bioglan Vitamin D3 for?

Many Australians, despite our sunny climate, have less than optimal Vitamin D levels due to a stronger awareness about sun protection, lack of sun exposure and an inadequate diet.

Who is Bioglan Vitamin D3 for?

People who wish to maintain strong, healthy bones and teeth.
Those who have limited exposure to sunlight.
Elderly people who are more prone to sedentary life styles.
People with a diet that is lacking fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D3.

When should I take Bioglan Vitamin D3?

Can be taken daily or as directed by a healthcare professional to ensure adequate Vitamin D3 intake.

Why should I take Bioglan Vitamin D3?

  • Maintain muscle strength (particularly in the elderly).
  • Maintain strong bones. 
  • Support calcium absorption 
  • Support healthy teeth 
  • Support healthy immune system function 
  • Support brain and nervous system health