Alulah Poppy Navy Blue - A unique vibrating Kegel Excerciser


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Poppy is a dual purpose toy. Mainly designed as a Kegel exerciser to help tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, it can also be used as a remote-controlled internal vibrator. This design can bring many benefits to a woman’s health. It can intensify orgasms, increase lubrication, and help to regain muscle control after vaginal birth (not to be used during pregnancy). You might have thought that you'd seen toys like Poppy, but only this one has a unique type of vibration that combines regular vibration with the sensation you get from the inner ball’s movement, inspired by traditional geisha balls. Using Poppy will add a little fun to routine pelvic floor exercises, or give the remote to a partner for a cheeky date night. Always use with a quality water-based lubricant.