Butterfly Interactive Cat Toy Teaser Fun Flutter Bug All for Paws Kitty Play

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How to keep your cat’s mind and body balanced and occupied?

The AFP Flutter Bug is a whole world of fun for your curious kittens, cat, dog or pet.

With a little motor inside, the Flutterbug has a sturdy stand and a little butterfly teaser toy that is attached to a wire and rotates in a circular motion to entice pets to play. Simply press the small green button on the base of the unit to make the little purple butterfly move around. As the butterfly starts to move, it will shine and glisten in the light, acting like a teaser for gaining your pet's attention.

Made from durable and scratch-resistant plastic, this toy is bound to keep your pet up on all fours engaging in active playtime.


  • Size: 25cm x 25cm x 8cm
  • Exercise Stimulator
  • Mind & Body Balance