Air Purifier Ozone Generator Odour Smell Remover - USB Rechargeable Car Portable

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This air purifier is built to improve air quality by destroying odour-causing particles from the air, rather than simply covering up the smells with others. It effectively gets rid of smoke smell and other stale odours, neutralises contaminants like mould, bacteria and viruses by purifying the environment.

It's got a compact and attractive design so it can be used at home or in the office and is perfect for cars or RVs.

Please do not use for extended periods over time.

How it works?

One of the most common ways to “clean” air and remove strong odours is through the use of an ozone air generator, also known as ozone machines or ozone air purifiers. These machines are designed to create ozone through a simple process that occurs naturally in the atmosphere using high pressure discharge. However, like many things, just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean it should be used for long periods of time.

Because ozone is highly reactive, it is nearly impossible, at least with today’s technology and knowledge, to store it for any prolonged time. Therefore, it needs to be generated onsite through the use Ozone Generators.

Ozone air purifiers, essentially take in oxygen from the air (O2) and give it a strong electrical charge. This electrical charge allows the oxygen molecules to rearrange themselves and form O3, our famous ozone.

How long does it take to charge? How long does it last?

Charging times depend on the type of battery used. Using an adapter (>1A) for a 2000mAh battery 18650 which is for this one, it takes about 3 hours to fully charge from empty for a using time of 2-3 hours. It is not recommended to be used for longer periods of time. Other batteries will have different charging times.

What is the ozone output and how long to use it? 

  • Ozone concentration is: 2.4ppm for a space size: 3*3*3.5m
  • Ozone generation capacity: 50mg/hour
  • Charging time: approximately 2 hours
  • Continuous working time: approximately 2-3 hours (do not use for longer periods especially in closed areas)
  • For the first you you can run it for 2 hours and check air quality and adjust your timing accordingly.
  • Please refer to the images graphs.
  • Please do not use for extended periods over time.