60g Dog Cat Dry Powder Shampoo Natural Waterless Kitten Puppy Pet Grooming

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Touchpaw Dry Shampoo Powder for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens cleans easily is a waterless formula which thoroughly absorbs dirt from your pet's coat. It will leave your pet's coat smelling fresh and clean. It is so mild and gentle to be used as often as needed.

Directions For Use: Make sure your pet's coat is completely dry. Brush your pet's coat thoroughly. Lightly sprinkle dry shampoo over your pet's body avoiding contact with eyes. Lightly brush your pet until all of the powder is removed. This product can also be used on rabbits.


  • Free of Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, EDTA, GMOs, Triclosan, Synthetic Fragrances and Artificial Dyes
  • Natural formulation
  • Waterless cleansing
  • 60g Bottle

Package Includes:

60g Touchpaw Dry Powder Shampoo for Cats and Dogs