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Instant Cold Packs are there for when you need immediate, cold relief. While ice or reusable hot and cold packs have their application, sometimes they are either not readily available or not prepared for an incident. In those cases, an Instant Cold Pack can be invaluable in ensuring quick and effective treatment.

The easy to use package is activated simply by squeezing together in the middle. It is clearly marked on the individual packages to make product use simple and easy. The chemical reaction that results, causes an immediate cooling which provides an anesthetic-like feeling that can help to relieve aches and pains and can be used to help stop swelling after an initial injury. Instant Cold Packs are single use, as the chemical reaction that causes the immediate cooling to take effect has a limited time effect and when the chemical components have mixed and diluted they lose their effect.

Instant Cold Pack is a quality product designed specifically for sports related inflammatory injuries, as well as other tissue damage injuries.
Used in clinical placement situations, out in the field or at home, the Liberty Instant Cold Pack is a highly versatile product. An excellent addition to a first aid room and/or kit. Can also be used for sports teams and athletic events.

Used primarily in clinical settings by professionals including: physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, care workers and therapists.

The Liberty Instant Cold Pack is a superior and long lasting addition to any clinical equipment needs. Suitable for use on children, adults and frail or elderly people.


External use only

Provides relief for pain and swelling caused by sprains, strains, contusions, minor burns, toothaches and insect bites.

Do not puncture or make contact with contents

Pack of 5 instant cold Packs

A great cold pack for on the go


5 x Liberty Instant Cold Pack

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