A note from our Founder about the Starts at 60 Marketplace

A note from our Founder about the Starts at 60 Marketplace

Rebecca WilsonSep 26, '20

We kicked off the Starts at 60 Marketplace in late August and we want you to know a little about the motivation behind it.  We're building it for you, Australia's over-60s. We have big ambitions to bring you the retail environment you deserve, curated specifically for you, across all categories you need, over time.  But as we grow we want you to know that this marketplace is designed to do two huge things:

1) Create an environment where the shopping experience is completely tailored to your needs as a modern-day over-60. 

2) To bring you a better deal through embracing the buying power of our million-plus strong community of over-60s, wherever we can.

We're sure that together, with our help, you can enjoy greater value and visibility and to do this we need your help.  We need to be able to reach you by email so we ask you to sign up - below. 

We also ask for your understanding - that this is a terrific work in progress.  We won't be able to make a big-strong-marketplace for you on day 1 or day 30 of the project.  It is going to take years of working with vendors and customers to get everyone to understand exactly what you want in the online shops that serve you here.  To guide us we'll be asking for your input regularly and we would love your help identifying vendors and products that other over-60s will want too.  So, if you have an idea, please email us on marketplace@startsat60.com. 

It is exciting to see the marketplace is growing quickly, with wonderful vendors jumping on board daily. So please support their efforts to serve you wherever you can. This will keep everyone keen and eager to do more - and that's what we have to do to grow.  We see our role, as the primary platform for over-60s in Australia, Startsat60.com to create an ecosystem that supports over-60s and the businesses that really want to have them as customers.  

Over time, as we grow, we're hoping to bring you age-appropriate models, fashion and lifestyle media that showcases them, a powerful loyalty scheme you can enjoy the fruits of and really timely deals on products and brands you want.  But we can't do it alone.  We need you to jump on board and sign up, broaden the strength of the over-60s online, and then, enjoy what we bring you.   

And if you can tell a friend, please do.  

Thanks for your support. 

Bec Wilson Xx
Founder and CEO
The Starts at 60 Group of Companies