No more burn! The anti-chafe shorts that are perfect under summer frocks

Rebecca WilsonDec 30, '20

First published on Starts at 60 here. Aussies may joke about having ‘chub rub’, but chafing is certainly no laughing matter, with the burning sensation of the skin rubbing together causing pain, a rash, and in the most severe cases, swelling, bleeding or crusting. This generally occurs when the moist...

A note from our Founder about the Starts at 60 Marketplace

Rebecca WilsonSep 26, '20

We kicked off the Starts at 60 Marketplace in late August and we want you to know a little about the motivation behind it.

Plantar fasciitis: There’s an affordable way to manage the pain

Rebecca WilsonSep 26, '20

Having sore and aching feet may not seem like a big health issue, but it sure is debilitating and in simple terms – down right annoying.

Dodgy knees? Arthritis aches? Turmeric may help ease arthritic joint pain

Rebecca WilsonSep 26, '20

New research has found a turmeric extract may indeed help to combat pain in people with knee osteoarthritis.